Rollet – Box with cosmetic damage

Rollet – Boxes with external marking – Perfect product in the box!

We have received some stock in packaging with water droplet marks, the games themselves are fine, we are offering a special price for games in these imperfect boxes.

The Fast Rolling Ricochet Game!

Rollet is a two to four player fast rolling ricochet game. The aim of the game is to roll steel balls down your chute so as to knock the wooden ball into your opponent’s goal. Rollet demands a good eye, timing, and teamwork. It penalises both fumbling and trigger-happy play. Hilarity is guaranteed for ages 7 to 107. Made in India by our fair trade supplier (Asha Handicrafts) using sheesham wood with a plywood base.


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Rollet is our own creation, the fruit of hours of tinkering and creative procrastination. Frank Boggis-Rolfe helped with the prototyping, and even the first draft was a hoot. We must give credit to the 1990s classic Crossfire. But with its angled goal barriers and stabilised firing chutes, Rollet is a whole new ball game.

Rollet games are hand made in north India with help from our partners Asha Handicrafts. The artisans who made this game have been paid a fair wage, and Asha’s profits are re-invested to provide the workers and their families with medical care, education, and help with sanitation.

What They Say

  • Just to let you know the children adore the game and one of the little rotters actually beat me the other day. Is there a faster firing method than the 'harpist', I can't be beaten by ten year olds!

    Will Wareing - London

  • Just to let you know I bought this as a present for my Father for Christmas and made the stupid mistake of taking it out to have a go.....

    I hate this game, it is horrible and whoever thought it up is just unkind. To clarify this though... this is all due to the fact that my 5 year old daughter can beat me... no matter how hard I try - she can still win. Stupid Stupid game, but now I don't want to give it to my Dad, so please could I arrange to purchase another one, so I can keep this one and practice in secret (all of this to beat my own 5 yr old daughter).

    All joking aside - fab fab game - and really does appeal to all - we have had my 3 yr old play it, right up to grand Father and they all think it is great.

    Congrats on a fab qualiyty product.

    Vicki Dunn-Mussert - Bournemouth

Enter the Den

Having faced the Dragons with our first game, Pucket, but failing to convince them to invest, we accepted an offer from Streetbank founder Sam Stephens for the full amount and on the same terms as we were asking for in the Den.

We had practised our pitch to Sam prior to filming, but the practice turned out to be the real thing when he turned round and made us an offer - for a moment we thought he was just staying in character! As a result of Sam’s investment, we were able to stock up for Christmas and the games have been selling faster than we can have them made! Going on Dragons' Den was a bit like a speed dating event at the end of which you must marry or forever part. It was helpful to be forced to do lots of detailed business planning, and the filming day itself was great fun. However, it is very odd to be in potentially the most important business meeting of your career and not be allowed to bring or take notes, let alone a calculator.

How To Play

  1. Rollet is hilarious with four people (two teams of two), although singles games are fantastic with cannonball rules. Take up your positions with one team at each end.
  2. With empty hands, clap “high five” style in a circle (ie. if there’s two of you, then “high ten”).
  3. Roll steel balls down your chute(s), aiming to knock the wooden ball into your opponents’ goal.
  4. When one side scores a goal, the wooden ball should be placed back on the starting dot. Team mates can re-distribute steel balls between them, but no steel balls should be passed from one team to the other. The next round begins with “high fives” as before.
  5. The winners are the first to score 5 or more with at least a two point lead (just like tennis).
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Skim the Milk

The wooden ball often perches tantalisingly close to the mouth of the goal. This is called a “lark’s breakfast”. If it happens at your end, the best response is to “skim the milk” by aiming just behind the ball. Ambitious players may prefer “the Depardieu”, where you fire a ball so it bounces off the triangular “nose” at the back end of your own goal. Meanwhile, the team at the other end will be attempting a “full-fat” – a hole-in-one shot to turn the lark’s breakfast into a goal.

Attacking and Defending

Skilful Rollet play requires a careful balance between aggression and defence. Machine gun firing rates will leave you with no balls! Whereas, careful skimming of the milk will often knock the goal ball over the other side whilst your steel ball rolls back to you.

Smuggling Budgies

An illegal move beloved by small children, “smuggling budgies” means trying to hold on to one or more steel balls whilst you “high ten” at the beginning of a round. If your opposing team member has contorted fingers when they “high ten”, suspect foul play!