Games should be fun and business shouldn’t be bad. We work very hard to make sure our games are as fun as possible and that our business practices are good for the world and not just us!

Et Games started life in Great Britain as Pucket Enterprises, named after our first game. It was founded by David Harvey in 2009. The funds to get the company going were initially Dave’s redundancy pay from his credit crunched former employment (wind farm analyst), followed by some generous investment from old friends (a BIG thank you to Mr Hanton and Mrs Evans).

The first order of 200 Pucket games sold out quicker than we’d dared hope, and so we ploughed the money back in for a larger second order. Business hasn’t stopped growing since, and in 2015 we expanded into the New World. Our head of US operations is Chryse Bradshaw.

There are two ideas that motivate our work: First, we think our games are fun. Second, we believe that business can make the world a little bit better, if done in the right way. We have to admit that the second bit wasn’t our own idea – our efforts to do business ethically (and aesthetically) are inspired by our Christian faith.

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