Awkward Pucket Extension Pack

Finger Flicking Fun for Nearly Everyone!

The Awkward Puck Extension Pack features dastardly shaped pucks that require special techniques to fit through the hole. We find it adds a whole new level of comedy stressful-ness to Pucket matches.

The Awkward pucks include: the flying saucer, whose rounded edges cause it to fly up when fired; the fatboy, who only just fits through the gate; the wedgie, specially shaped to wedge under the elastic on the other side; the long face, who only fits through longways; the crab’s claw, that must be fired wrist-first; the two timer, which forces you to get two pucks through at once; and the lopsidewinder, whose embedded weight makes it swerve off to one side. The pack includes two of each kind of puck plus instructions.


What They Say

  • On a recent family holiday we had a Pucket tournament that kept everyone (ages three to 68) entertained for days.

    Sophie de Rosé - The Telegraph

  • Pucket: a crucial game for every family Christmas. Beware, it gets aggressive.

    Pippa Middleton - Daily Telegraph

  • The perfect game for potshots and playfights? Yes please!

    The Games Mistress: Emma Kennedy - Tatler

  • Pucket - a sort of riotious elasticated backgammon ... Hands down the most addictive game to hit the market in years.

    The Times Newspaper

  • It's wooden, noisy, and you get to ping things. Brilliant!

    Time Out London

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