Kingdoms Lawn Game

A garden game where you get to use your brain and throw things!

Kingdoms Lawn Game is a strategic garden game where players compete to knock down each other’s castles (blocks of wood), by throwing wooden balls. At the beginning of the game the castles are thrown into position, and this allows for cunning strategies such as placing your castles just behind those of your opponent. Each player also has unique special powers.

You do not need a flat or obstacle-free lawn to play Kingdoms, bumps, slopes, and obstacles add to the interest.

Players: 2 – 16
Age range: Ages 7 and up

Kingdoms Lawn game was invented by Denny Weston and is manufactured in India by our fair trade supplier, Asha Handicrafts.

Which edition should I choose?

Each edition has different symbols on the wooden blocks, corresponding to different special powers. By combining different editions, it is possible to play an extra large match. We recommend the New Age edition for starters.