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We are cheeky chaps who produce infectiously fun games. Our first game Pucket has brought more entertainment to the world than television. We like dexterity games, simple rules, and crafty strategies.

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The world’s no. 1 bridge building strategy game! From Swiss inventor Stefan Kogl we bring you Bridget. Battle your opponent to cross the board: blocking building and counter-blocking in an attempt to bridge the gap and win the game. Bridget is an intense game of strategy and skill for ages...

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A garden game where you get to use your brain and throw things! Kingdoms Lawn Game is a strategic garden game where players compete to knock down each other’s castles (blocks of wood), by throwing wooden balls. At the beginning of the game the castles are thrown into position, and...

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Finger Flicking Fun for Nearly Everyone! Pucket is a frantic dexterity game. Players race each other to catapult the pucks from their side of the board through a small hole leading to the other side. There are no turns, and any pucks that arrive on your side must be sent...

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Rollet – Boxes with external marking – Perfect product in the box! We have received some stock in packaging with water droplet marks, the games themselves are fine, we are offering a special price for games in these imperfect boxes. The Fast Rolling Ricochet Game! Rollet is a two to...

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The Thinking Pirates’ Game! An elegant two player strategy game invented by Californian philosophy professor David Vander Laan. Two pirate crews battle for domination of the high seas: the round-bellied Yellowbeards, and the square-jawed Blackbeards. Each crew strives to raft together all the ships of their preferred rigging type or...

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The Board Game Kaptain reviews Raft & Scupper

Cheers to The Board Game Kaptain for a glowing review of our game Raft & Scupper. Their video also gives a very clear explanation and tutorial of how to play.  

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Sell our games at a Christmas fair near you

Do you like playing our games? Do you like cash? Then you're just the sort of person we need. There aren't enough of us to attend every Christmas fair up and down the land. But there are plenty of you. Here's the plan: 1. You book a stall at your…

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" The perfect game for potshots and playfights? Yes please! The aim is to catapult all your counters into your opponent’s half and break their very soul…Brilliant. Pip pip! "

The Games Mistress: Emma Kennedy - Tatler

Enter the Den

Having faced the Dragons with our first game, Pucket, but failing to convince them to invest, we accepted an offer from Streetbank founder Sam Stephens for the full amount and on the same terms as we were asking for in the Den.

We had practised our pitch to Sam prior to filming, but the practice turned out to be the real thing when he turned round and made us an offer - for a moment we thought he was just staying in character! As a result of Sam’s investment, we were able to stock up for Christmas and the games have been selling faster than we can have them made! Going on Dragons' Den was a bit like a speed dating event at the end of which you must marry or forever part. It was helpful to be forced to do lots of detailed business planning, and the filming day itself was great fun. However, it is very odd to be in potentially the most important business meeting of your career and not be allowed to bring or take notes, let alone a calculator.