Our New Bridget Game

Last week we delivered our first Bridget games to the paying public. We also sent our first order to a longstanding Pucket stockist – The Handpicked Collection, and launched the new website you are on now.

For those of you who have not looked at the Bridget game page here, Bridget is our neat bridge building strategy game, designed in Switzerland, made in the UK. The aim is to bridge from one side of the board to the other using your pieces: bridging, blocking and counter-blocking your way across the board. Think of it like a mixture of Tetris and Connect Four.

The brains behind this ingenious little game is the Swiss games maker, Stefan Kogl. We licensed the concept from him through the game publisher Murmel. We then set about seeing how we could make it.

We have wanted to make at least one of our games in the UK for a while now, so we worked hard with our prototypers to see what we could do. We then teamed up with Blue Sky Development to help us produce the games in UK prisons and searched the UK high and low for the skilled manufacturers that could do the more complex aspects of the game production as well as source the materials.

The end result is a highly portable game that is made from FSC certified wood, GOTS certified organic cotton canvas, with draw-cord made in Leicestershire, fabric printed in Cheshire, playing board and pieces cut in London and the whole lot finished in two UK prisons.

It has not been a simple process but it has been hugely satisfying one and has produced a game we are very proud of. To see the game up close and personal have a look at our Bridget game page here.

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