An appeal to help us not to run out of Pucket games

Dear Customers, Pucket-lovers, and Friends,

We continue to be surprised by how many of you are buying Pucket, and it’s difficult for us to keep up.

As a fair trade business, we pay half of the cost of our Pucket games in advance (6 – 9 months beforehand), and half when the goods arrive.

As with most toy and game businesses, the majority of our sales happen at Christmas, so we have to stock up in preparation for that.

In the last year we’ve missed out on a lot of sales because we ran out. We’re determined not to let that happen again. In the year ahead, we have some major US stockists coming onboard, which will increase our sales by 20%. We need to up our game.

If you would be interested in helping provide finance, please get in touch. We have an unblemished record of paying back our stock finance, and the return we offer is a lot better than your savings account (there’s more risk too, of course). Loans of £500 and up are welcome, and repayment would be just after Christmas.

Together, let’s bypass the banks!

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