Just to let you know I bought this as a present for my Father for Christmas and made the stupid mistake of taking it out to have a go.....I hate this game, it is horrible and whoever thought it up is just unkind. To clarify this though... this is all due to the fact that my 5 year old daughter can beat me... no matter how hard I try - she can still win. Stupid Stupid game, but now I don't want to give it to my Dad, so please could I arrange to purchase another one, so I can keep this one and practice in secret (all of this to beat my own 5 yr old daughter).All joking aside - fab fab game - and really does appeal to all - we have had my 3 yr old play it, right up to grand Father and they all think it is great.Congrats on a fab quality product."
Vicki Dunn-Mussert, Bournemouth


Pucket: a crucial game for every family Christmas. Beware, it gets aggressive.
Pippa Middleton. Daily Telegraph, Nov 2013
The perfect game for potshots and playfights? Yes please!
The Games Mistress: Emma Kennedy. Tatler, November 2013
Pucket - a sort of riotious elasticated backgammon ... Hands down the most addictive game to hit the market in years.
The Times Newspaper
It's wooden, noisy, and you get to ping things. Brilliant!
Time Out London