New licensed versions of Pucket and Rollet

This summer, new mass market versions of our games Pucket and Rollet (renamed Bonk) will appear in Target stores across the US.

We’ve teamed up with Buffalo Games for Pucket, and Marektoy for Rollet. Both mass market versions are being made in China, at a more affordable price than our original fair trade versions.

We’re absolutely committed to continuing the original fair trade versions of our games. We thought carefully before signing up for these licensing agreements. Both deals allow us to continue selling our fair trade wares. We’ll also be in a more secure financial position, which will in turn enable us to offer better terms and a more secure future to our fair trade supplier.

Meanwhile, we’ve stipulated stringent worker welfare conditions for the mass market games, and we have a trusting relationship with Buffalo and Marektoy. China’s GDP per capita is twice that of India (where our fair trade games are made). So, manufacturing in China cannot have the same beneficial effects on poverty reduction as in India, as poverty has already been largely eradicated in urban China. But production in China can still be well managed, with dignified and safe working conditions. And we’re confident that’s what we’ve ensured. During a recent visit to Marektoy’s factory near Shanghai, we were extremely impressed with the cleanliness and worker safety.

We believe the new mass market versions of our games will offer frantic fun to a wider audience – whilst the original fair trade versions will keep selling to those who are willing to pay a little extra for something beautifully handmade which helps alleviate poverty.