1. Rollet is hilarious with four people (two teams of two), although singles games are fantastic with cannonball rules. Take up your positions with one team at each end.

2. With empty hands, clap “high five” style in a circle (ie. if there’s two of you, then “high ten”).

3. Roll steel balls down your chute(s), aiming to knock the wooden ball into your opponents’ goal.

4. When one side scores a goal, the wooden ball should be placed back on the starting dot. Team mates can re-distribute steel balls between them, but no steel balls should be passed from one team to the other. The next round begins with a “high five” as before.

5. The winners are the first to score 5 or more with at least a two point lead (just like tennis).




Skim the milk

‘The wooden ball often perches tantalisingly close to the mouth of the goal. This is called a “lark’s breakfast”. If it happens at your end, the best response is to “skim the milk” by aiming just behind the ball. Ambitious players may prefer “the Depardieu”, where you fire a ball so it bounces off the triangular “nose” at the back end of your own goal. Meanwhile, the team at the other end will be attempting a “full-fat” - a hole-in-one shot to turn the lark’s breakfast into a goal.’

Attacking and defending

Skilful Rollet play requires a careful balance between aggression and defence. Machine gun firing rates will leave you with no balls! Whereas, careful skimming of the milk will often knock the goal ball over the other side whilst your steel ball rolls back to you.

Smuggling budgies

An illegal move beloved by small children, “smuggling budgies” means trying to hold on to one or more steel balls whilst you “high ten” at the beginning of a round. If your opposing team member has contorted fingers when they “high ten”, suspect foul play!