1. Find an opponent.
2. Start with eight pucks (the wooden discs) each side of the board.
3. Shout “GO” and then use the elastic to fire pucks through the gate until there are no more pucks on your side.
  • Don’t take it in turns – just reload and fire as fast as you possibly can.
  • If a puck flies off the board, the player who sent it must retrieve it.
  • You’re not allowed to push pucks forwards with your hand, but you can move pucks to the side of the board to clear space if required.
  • Jeering and shouting at your opponent is allowed.



The Harpist

One hand pulls back the elastic as the other hand places a puck in front of it. Be sure to let go of the puck before letting go of the elastic. Once in a while you'll find all the pucks are on the wrong side, and so you'll need to sweep them over with a broad movement of your arm (this move is known as the "type writer").

The Garner

Drag a puck back against the elastic and let go, first with one hand and then the other. This produces the highest firing rate but only Mr Garner himself can combine it with good accuracy.

Amélie's Raspberries

Much like the harpist but each finger on your loading hand is primed ready with a puck to re-load as soon as one is fired. This is difficult to master but can greatly increase firing rate if done well.

Cardinal's Revenge

When a too well-aimed puck bounces off the opposite elastic and comes back through the gate. This often happens when you're about to win - but remember you can't win on a cardinal - your last puck has to go through the gate and stay there.

Gatekeeper's Dinner

When a poorly aimed puck becomes lodged in the gate. Feed your opponent the dinner by knocking it through with another puck, which will likely become the next dinner, and with luck the start of an eternal feeding session...

Neptune's kiss

Players fire at the same time, causing the pucks to “kiss” at the gate and rebound. Get the next shot in quickly otherwise you'll kiss again.

Flying Sailor

When a puck flies over the gate. The sender must take it back. If your opponent "forgets" to take back one of their offending pucks, the best moment to remind them is when you only have one puck left.