1. Set up your board by joining the four jigsaw tiles together – beginners should use the side with the square playing area.

2. Take turns to place one of your coloured pieces on the board.

3. The winner is the first person to form an uninterrupted bridge from one side of the board to the opposite side.

All pieces must touch the playing board but do not have to touch any other piece on the board.

No piece can have empty space underneath it.




Building Bridges

Imagine a mountain goat taking a leisurely stroll across the board. The goat can leap up and down steps as big as you like. Your task is to build a bridge for the goat to cross. Both the horizontal and vertical faces of the bridge must be in your colour, so as to form a continuous line. Players can attempt to bridge from any side. New routes can be started at any time or multiple routes attempted at the same time. Bridge lines do not have to be straight.

Taking Back Your Move

Once a piece has been played it can’t be moved again. However players are allowed one ‘time machine’ – where a go can be undone even after the other player has played.

Winning Line

Your bridge must connect opposite sides of the board. If you’re playing on the octagon, then the two sides touching the opposite side also count. The end pieces of your bridge do not need to be at the ground level.


If all pieces are played and there is no successful bridge then the person with the longest continuous line wins. Length is measured in number of vertical and horizontal square faces. Squares can only be counted once in the case where lines rejoin themselves.

A Tip For Beginners

The best way to block is often ‘up stream’ of where the threat appears to be. Look further up the line of attack and see if you can block your opponent where their line starts instead of where it is about to finish. Be sparing in the use of your L shaped pieces. These enable you to bridge over two stories, thus claiming the high ground.

More Advanced Play

The real skill of the game is working yourself into a position where your opponent can’t stop a win, as opposed to not noticing the line you have been developing. Try playing a game with infinite ‘time machines’, where you can always replay your last go. In this scenario you can only win by mastering the board completely: giving yourself multiple routes to winning and leaving your opponent unable to block them all at once.