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1. Rollet is hilarious with four people (two teams of two), although singles games are fantastic with cannonball rules. Take up your positions with one team at each end. 2. With empty hands, clap “high five” style in a circle (ie. if there’s two of you, then “high ten”). 3. Roll steel balls down your… Read More


1. Set up your board by joining the four jigsaw tiles together – beginners should use the side with the square playing area. 2. Take turns to place one of your coloured pieces on the board. 3. The winner is the first person to form an uninterrupted bridge from one side of the board to the… Read More


1. Find an opponent. 2. Start with eight pucks (the wooden discs) each side of the board. 3. Shout “GO” and then use the elastic to fire pucks through the gate until there are no more pucks on your side. Don’t take it in turns – just reload and fire as fast as you possibly… Read More