We’re proud to work with skilled artisans and businesses from across Great Britain. We’re especially pleased by our prison workshop manufacturing, which is helping offenders make a positive contribution and improve their life chances on release.

UK Production


UK Manufacturers

We have long been keen to make at least one of our games in the UK. In 2013 we made this happen with Bridget, our compact strategy game. We’ve worked with skilled fabric printers from Cheshire, laser cutting technicians in London, and thread makers in Leicestershire.


UK Prototypers

The skill and knowledge of Frank Boggis-Rolfe and John Kirby have been indispensable for bringing Bridget and Rollet into production. We spent many happy hours tinkering in their workshops.


Working In Prison

Our Bridget game is mostly made in two UK prisons under the guidance of Blue Sky Inside. Blue Sky is a social enterprise that provides employment for offenders in prison and ex-offenders out of prison. Ex-offenders who find work far less likely to re-offend – and enabling prisoners to work whilst in prison can only help them to carry on working once they leave. More than that, we believe that real commercial work in prison workshops is a constructive and redemptive outlet for prisoners’ time and energy.