Et Games may not transform the world, but we do want it to play its part. We are always looking to adapt our business to benefit people and the planet. So far we have focused on ethical sourcing, carbon emissions and advertising:

The Right Thing


Ethical sourcing

We want to uphold the dignity of everyone who makes our games. For Pucket, Rollet, and Bridget we’ve done this by using a reputable fair trade supplier in India. We sometimes do some finishing or repairing work in-house in the UK, where we pay at least a living wage of £10.50 per hour.


The wood used to make our games (Sheesham, latin name Dalbergia Sissoo) is not endangered, and comes from Indian government managed plantations. Sustainable sourcing is assured through “Vriksh” certification.



Having our games made in India enables us to support economically vulnerable artisans – but it also increases our carbon footprint compared to having the games made in the UK. To minimize this we use sea transport rather than air freight, and we offset the shipping emissions via a company called CO2 balance.


We believe that constant spin and spam are bad for the soul, so we want our marketing efforts to be as unobtrusive as possible. For example we promise not to fill your inboxes with vacuous “news” and “offers”. We depend instead on our games catching on because they’re fun and people will want to play them with their friends.